Corporate colour


After logo, corporate colour has the highest priority and importance in creating a visual identity.

-“Why would you say that Logose?” According to the scientists’ expriences and investigations, humans need visual codes to remember things. For example, you memorize addresses using the visual codes that you see and definitely you’ve been in the same situation when you go to a location from a different Direction and you feel like you’re in the wrong place because the visual codes that you have memorized, are different from what

you see when you’re changing the direction. Now, we are going to explore a triangle with some logos. For instance, imagine the logo of Facebook. What color is it? That’s right, blue. Now, if you imagine it with a pink color, it will be hard to recognize because visual codes are not compatible with the previous ones. Do what you just did with Coca-Cola and Starbucks. Every thing feels wird! Corporate colour consists of a color corresponding to the spirit of an organisation and it should definitely be different from the potential competitors. A contrasting color- if, for example, navy blue is the main color, the contrasting color shouln’t necessarily be orange, it can be yellow or light pink or even light blue.-And three complementary colours that should create harmony with the main colour and fulfill the needs of a brand in different situations.