Template Design

According to the expansion of using social media for business, like instagram, youtube and so on, being active in this area is a must for development, brand building and sale and it can’t be overlooked.

It will grant small and new businesses Sale and brand building and that’s why a united representation of your

Corporate Colour

After logo, corporate colour has the highest priority and importance in creating a visual identity.
-“Why would you say that Logose?” According to the scientists’ expriences and investigations, humans need visual codes to remember things. For example, you memorize addresses using the visual codes that you see and definitely you’ve been in the same situation when you go to a location 

Stationary Design

Stationary design is the similar and monotonous design of office supplies and decorations and it’s generally items that are used for direcly communicating with the audience based on the corporate colours. Some examples are: visiting cards, headers, note sheets, signboards, sign stands, websites, catalogs, stalls and even the uniforms of the staff.

Logo Design

Logo design

Logo represents your business! Logo is a graphic image of your business!
These are the most wrong and also most common existing definitions of logo. For instance, do the trade name of Apple and it’s logo corelate with it’s business and its activity? Or Puma, Do we get the message that it’s a company which packs and sells cougars by looking at it’s logo? Or does it have to do with anything with any services about this animals? Can it, in any way, say that it manufactures clothing? How about the logo of Pepsi?