Logo Design


Logo represents your business! Logo is a graphic image of your business!

These are the most wrong and also most common existing definitions of logo. For instance, do the trade name of Apple and it’s logo corelate with it’s business and its activity? Or Puma, Do we get the message that it’s a company which packs and sells cougars by looking at it’s logo? Or does it have to do with anything with any services about this animals? Can it, in any way, say that it manufactures clothing? How about the logo of Pepsi? Is there any sign in the logo of what it actually does? How about caterpillar? Mercedes-Benz, McDonald or Nike? And thousands of other famous cases. Can we by looking at the logo find out what their businesses and services are? sometimes we can’t even know their names.

So we have learnt that Logo does not represent the business. Then, what is logo?

What is a logo ?

Logo is a face of a business. What does this mean? Logo is derived from the greek word logos. variously meaning: creator, discourse, omnific and sense. Today, it’s a graphic symbol used to identify an organization, culture, ideology, business and a group.

Now what does it mean that logo is the face of your business?

I will mention some names for you to see what’s the first image that comes to your mind: Brad Pitt, Donald Trump, Keanu Reeves, Hitler, Jennifer Lopez, Al Pacino and Che Guevara.

now, we realise that their images in our minds are actually their faces. Now we are going to do the same with some names of people that you know. Will we have the same results? Can Donald Trump’s face indicate what he does for living? No. But through his business and the fame he has gained, we recognise his face and by his face we remember his business. Now we will do the same about the famous trade names. Pepsi, BMW, Adidas, Ferrari, Kia, BBC, Facebook, Google and… .

Yes that’s right. The first image of them in your mind is the logo. They have been able to leave a good image of themselves in your mind due to their services and their advertisements. In fact, the first and the last image of your business in the mind of the audience is the face of your logo. Even preschoolers can name the organization and the services it provides by seeing a famous logo.

Logo is the first thing needed for brand building and the most important feature of it is simplicity and ease of communication with audience. It means that people tend to bear in mind the simple and distinguished images with no chaos or complexity, easier and faster. So logo must be simple, expressive and eligible.

It is recommended that Logo have a meaning behind it. A meaning that represents its purpose or a specific feature of it, like: speed, accuracy, quality, fluency, power, safety and so on. For instance, the logo of Amazon, using a simple arrow, implies that they sell everything from a to z and it also resembles a smile which fills you with happiness.

This concept can be an implication of an ideology. Like Apple, that refers to the Isaac Newton discovering gravity which resembles discovering the greatest things with the help of the simplest accidents. It can also resemble no meaning and be merely pretty like Nike or Google.

What are the features of a good logo

1.Simple. Everyone should easily memorise the form and the shape of it. It must not have too much details and it must not be vauge or obscure.

2. Beautiful. Considering that beauty is subjective and logo is designed to communicate with the audience, it is better to bear in mind the taste of the customer and limit the personal taste of the designer and the employer to their own rooms, like when the manager of a sports shop are formally dressed inorder to respect the customers and preserve the Prestige.

3. Symmetrical. It should be performed beautifully in every way. It should have proper form and symmetry.

4. Applicable. Considering that logo might be used everywhere, distance and thickness should be taken into account in all the technical cases of the various peformances so that it can be performed without any deformation in any small or big, monochromatic or chromatic expunction, printing or sectioning and so that all the images are seen clearly.

5. Brief. It is not a painting with every details in it.

6. Any kind of religious symbols must be avoided or be used in an impalpable way. Because, it will cause limitation with spreadind the market and in some cases, it may case bankruptcy.

7. Not an icon, it must not have any sign of a specific career, like

instagram for instance. Because it will cause problems for your business enlargement. For example, if Mercedes-Benz or Portia embark on launching a resturant chain, they can easily use their own logo, but instagram can’t do such thing and if it wants to use this opportunity, it should swallow the bitter pill of changing its logo.

Below you will see some logo design :